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I am sealand
I found this and it looks like fun so I am going to do this Hetalia meme. I like memes like this cause you can get some really funny answers. I don't think I have done this one before so... Enjoy. Thanks to oEnvy for posting this for me to find.

1. Set your music player on shuffle.

2. Answer each question with the shown song.

3. You cannot skip.

4. Give me credit and link it to me, please!

(1) What song describes your thoughts on Hetalia?
Raining- Art of Dying
I don't think so...unless we go yaoi with this

(2) What song describes your parents thoughts on Hetalia?
Far Away-Nickelback
Yeah kind of

(3)What song describes your best friend's thoughts on Hetalia?
Till The World Ends- Britney Spears
Actually...I don't know. But some might think this yeah

(4)What song describes your favorite pairing?(GerIta)
Rock N Roll- Skrillex
Ummm no, it describes non of my pairings.

(5)What song describes your least favorite pairing?(America/anyone)
I don't Know-Sheepdogs(don't know why this is still in my library)
Oh I do know...I hate it.

(6)What song describes Spain's arse?
Cresent Moon- KAITO(Vocaloid)
Yes! Lol oh my this actually works

(7)What song describes your favorite Hetalia scene?(Valentines day)
In My Remains-Linkin Park

(8)What song describes your thoughts on Nyotalia?
Endless Summer-Cascada
Uuuuhhhh.... no words

(9)France feels you up! What flashes through your mind?
CLAMP In Wonderland- Maaya Sakamoto
Lol oh probably

(10)Belarus is chasing you with her knife! What do you scream as you run?
Brainpower- Freezepop
I hope that either throws her off or gives me some new super power. The funny part is the first lyrics of the actual song is "I love it." Good thing I didn't yell that.

(11)Russia asks you to become one with him. What do you say?
Gone, Gone, Gone- Philip Philips
Lol yeah if I could say anything at all in fear of his reaction

(12)What song describes England's cooking?
Come To Me-GooGoo Dolls
You know I probably wouldn't hate his cooking...being of british decent and all

(14)You meet the 2Ps! What do they tell you?
Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice
I don't know what the 2Ps are but I bet this would be funny anyway

(15)Hetalia gets cancelled! (NOOOOOOO!) What is your reaction?
Ballad of Mona Lisa- Panic at the Disco

(16)This meme has ended! What does Italy tell you as he hugs you goodbye?
Gay or European?- Legally Blonde Musical
Ummm if he did say that I would just ask him the same though I already know the answer.

I hope you guys liked this. Have a great day everyone.
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  • Drinking: water, hot chococlate

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