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Sexy Naughty Bitchy Shinigami by tay-bear
Sexy Naughty Bitchy Shinigami
I got this idea from a video I seen on youtubes. I had to draw it. It was a amv to the song...Sexy Naughty Bitchy. Each of the shinigami had a specified personality I guess from the song. Sexy was of course Grell, Naughty was Undertaker, and Will is Bitchy. So fitting. I love Undertaker's outfit. Hope you guys like it.
221B BakerStreet- Sherlock Nail Art by tay-bear
221B BakerStreet- Sherlock Nail Art
I have been waiting to do these for like a month. Found the design online and wanted to try it. I absolutely love Sherlock and was so ready to do a nail art tribute to the show. If you want to see other nail art ideas check these out...





Grell(right hand)-…

Grell (left hand)-…

Smaug nail art(left hand)-…

Smaug nail art(right hand)-…

Cats eye nail art-…

Oto Country Alias-…

Mokona-… (black mokona)… (white mokona)

Ulquiorra-… (left hand)… (right hand)



Pikachu-… (right hand)… (left hand)

Teepo(Tales of Xilia)-…

Legend of Zelda-…

Team Rocket-…

Free! -…


Also comment if you want to see any of the below ideas next...

Legend of Zelda, Pokemon(hopefully Absol), Sakura(TRC/CCS), XXX Holic...

or with anyother ideas you would like to see.



I am sealand
I am really wanting to reread Nabari No Ou again so I am going to do one of these anime memes with a couple characters from the manga. Why does my stake have to be so big? :(

List your favourite characters and act as if you were actually in their world:

1. Sherlock(BBC Sherlock)
2. Miharu Rokujou(Nabari No Ou)
3. Harima(School Rumble)
4.Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler)
5. Jim Moriarty(BBC Sherlock)
6. Mokona[White](Tsubasa Resivoir Chronicles)
7. Yoite(Nabari No Ou)
8. Seishiro(CLAMP universe)
9. Alois Trancy (Balck Butler 2)
10. Mello (Death Note)

1.What would happen if number 1(Sherlock) woke you up in the middle of the night?
Sherlock-*shake shake* Wake up, wake up I figured it out wake up
Me- *groan*what is it?
Sherlock- we have to go out I have figured out a clue
Me- Take John, too tired
Sherlock- he is busy getting dressed and I will be needing your assistance.
Me- Fine wouldn't want to miss anything adorable
Sherlock- Adorable?

2.Number 4(Grell) announced he/she's going to marry 9(Alois) tomorrow?
Grell- Everybody I have a big announcement to make!
Me- Oh no!
Grell- I am going to be a Trancyyyyyy!!!!!
Me- *Turn to Alois*
Alois- I think he misunderstood me.
(this could be taken many ways but we'll see if you get what I was hinting at)

3.Number 5(Moriarty) cooked you dinner?
Me- Whatcha doing?
Jim- Cooking.(looks fancy but some strange ingredients on counter) I hope you're hungry.
Me- Ah hahaha yeah I was just uhh...going out to eat.
Jim- That's to bad I worked sooooo hard on this.
Me- That's what I am worried about. 

4.Number 8(Seishiro) got into the hospital somehow?
Sei-chan- Aww that' so nice you came to see me
Me- Uh yeah had to make sure it wasn't serious 
Sei-chan- me with a serious injury? Never.
Me- Really?
Sei-chan- *smirk*

5.Number 9(Alois) made fun of your friends?
Alois- *laughing*
Friends-*retaliating with smart remarks*
Alois-*getting angry, starts to play the crying card*
Me- *leans over to friend* be careful he will cut a bitch

6.Number 10(Mello) ignored you all the time?
Mello- I gotta find Kira then Near will  know I am superior.
Me- Hey want some chocolate

7.You're on a vacation with 2 (Miharu)and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?
Me- Holy Shit this hurts
Miharu- *calm* I wonder if the Shinrabanshou could help. but I am saving that for Yoite. Lets find a stick and some clothe and we will wrap this up. The Fuuma village isn't far from here, I will go get help after that.
Me- How are you so calm?

8.You're about to marry number 8(Seishiro) What's 1(Sherlock) reaction:
Sherlock- To save you time and pain I would like to inform you that the man you are about to marry is not only a murderer, who I am taking in, but is also gay.
Me- Go ahead take him I didn't want to marry him anyway.

9.You got dumped by someone. How will 7(Yoite) cheer you up?
Me-*sob sob*
Yoite- Do you want me to use Kira on him?
Me- *looks at Yoite* No
Yoite- I can't help you

10.Number 4(Grell) is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?
Me- Grell I want you to know that you are my best friend. I have never met anybody who I can fangirl with as mush as you. Also you have the best hair I have ever seen.
Grell- You flatter me... tell me more

11.Number 2(Miharu) tells you about his/her deeply hidden love for number 8(Seishiro)
Miharu- I have this strange feeling towards Seishiro. I can't explain it but I think I love him.
Me- Oh Miharu you can do better, talk to Sherlock he will tell you why.

12.Will number 5(Moriarty) and 7(Yoite) ever kiss?
Moriarty- *looking Yoite up and down*
Me- Nope not gonna happen
Moriarty- WHy not?
Me- He will metaphorically kick your ass if you even go near him.
Moriarty- We both know I can take a beating, I always come back(SPOILERS!)
Me- Yeah can't see that happening here. but if you are willing to risk a shot of Kira and the wrath of Miharu go ahead

13.You had a haircut and 7(Yoite) can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?
Me- Is there something wrong with it?
Yoite- Why is it lopsided?
Me- I wanted it that way.
Yoite- Kay

14.You spot 8(Seishiro) kissing 3(Harima). How do you react?
Me- What the fuck? Sei-chan you have Subaru you hunt him for Mokona's(this is a CLAMP joke) sake and Harima what about Tenma!?

15.Could 1(Sherlock) and 8(Seishiro) be soul mates?
Sherlock- No
Sei-chan- No

16.If 6(Mokona) and 3(Harima)cooked dinner what would they make?
Mokona- Lets make chocolate lava cakes, I bet you Tenma would love them
Harima- You think so? Then lets do it

17.9(Alois) sketches what 6(Mokona) perfect girl/boyfriend should look like; will 6 be happy?
Alois- Why am I doing this again? Why don't do it yourself?
Mokona- It is fun.
Alois- *tears paper in half* I don't want to do it.
Mokona- EEEEKKK!!!!

18.1(Sherlock) accidentally kicked 10(Mello)?
Mello- What the hell dude?
Sherlock - Oh I'm sorry.
Mello- What was that for?
Sherlock- You were chewing it was annoying.

19.What would 1(Sherlock) think of 2(Miharu)?
Sherlock- I like him he is quiet, and relatively smart.

20.How would 3(Harima) greet 4(Grell)?
Harima- Hey.
Grell- Well hello!
Harima- uh kay goodbye

21.What would 4(Grell) envy about( Moriarty)?
Grell- I got to ask that Moriarty were he gets his clothes. So stylish.
Me- Well as long as that all you want

22. What do 6(Mokona) and 7(Yoite) have in common?
Yoite- Nothing
Mokona- I am sure we can find something
Me- Oh boy

23.What would make 7(Yoite) angry at 3(Harima)?
Me- I am sure a lot of things. But I have a feeling they would probably get along okay.

Where would 1(Sherlock) meet 2(Miharu)?
Me-Best guess on an away investigation in Japan. Otherwise not at all
Sherlock- Good power of deduction there.
Miharu- I would probably not even see him.

What would make 10(Mello) scared of 1(Sherlock)?
Me- The fact that he is very much like L and Near.

Thanks for reading
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