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I am sealand

Hey, whats up everyone? I as usual have been busy with work. Switched positions though and I am kind of excited about that. Anyway the only real reason I am writing another journal cause I got this idea. Yup. I really like music and I really like writing fanfics. So I am going to do this kind of 10 mini fanfics challange. Whenever I get the chance(hopefully once a week) I am hopefully going to write a music fanfic for a random pairing to a random song. Kind of like those song memes. I will have one picure if each pairing(up to ten pairings) on shuffle in my phone or something and when I come to write a fanfiction for this challange whichever pairing shows up on my backround I will write for them. Then I will go into my music or a set playlist and put it on shuffle whichever song plays will be the song that the fanfic is based off of. Still not sure if I am going to do it in the time frame of the song or just write. But yeah that is my idea, and everytime I do one I will take the pairing out of my list till I have finished all ten. Sound cool? I hope so. I am most likely going to post them all together. So look for it, your favorite pairing might be in it. I will post all ten pairings here that way you kind of know if you are interested in reading it or not. If somebody else wants to try this too, go ahead. Give me a link, I would like to read some of these.

So here they are...



3.Spirk(Spock/Kirk)-Star Trek(this will be new)

4.NewMann(Newton/Hermann)-Pacific Rim:…



7.Chulu-(Chekov/Sulu)- Star Trek-(Gonna be interesting)




I am going to have three request spots open if anyone is interested in requesting a pairing...




If you like this list or have any requests then leave them below and if I know them I will try it out.

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Cremebunny Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heyyy thank you for the watch!! ^u^ 
omg your ID pic is adorableeeeeee
You're welcome and thank you.
Thanks for the fav~!!<3
You're welcome :)
ClaireLeah Sep 8, 2013
Hello there :) (Smile) I'm just letting you know that I am deleting my dA account. Ironically, my preoccupation with my college art classes has kept me from being on here often. But if for some reason you wanna keep in touch with me, no worries, I have a Tumblr account in which I have posted the occasional artwork or edit. Here is the link to my Tumblr blog: Thank you so much for supporting me and adding me on to your watch list :) (Smile) God bless.
Ooh, thanks for the fav!! :heart:
You're welcome
AxelAgito Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist
thanks for the  fav=)

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