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Miharu was in the kitchen, making breakfast as usual. The t.v. was playing baseball in the background. Yukimi must have left it on when he went to have a shower. A pitch black cat was sleeping soundley on the couch, taking up more space then he used to. The wind coming through an open window ruffled some of papers and pictures(ones he had taken)that where on the wall.  Miharu continued with his preparations. Needing a bowl he opened up the corner cupboard. Of course the one thing thing he wanted was on the top shelf. He may be taller now but that didn't change that he was still too short to reach that high. That didn't stop him from attempting  it. So close. His fingertips could just barley touch the edge of his intended target. Suddenly he could feel someone behind him, grabing with ease the item Miharu wanted. The man now crowding Miharu skinny body deep in the corner of the counter, waved the bowl in his face.
"This what you wanted shorty?" Teased a familiar deep voice.
Miharu folded his arms across his chest, "actually I wanted the yellow one."
"Well you are on your own there. Do you need me to grab you a stool?" Yukimi said placing the bowl in his hand before Miharu. Yukimi was still behind Miharu. The dark haired man seized the oppurtunity. In one swift movement, he drove a boney elbow into the blondes ribcage. Yukimi staggered backward. "Wow assulting a cripple, how rude." He was hinting to his missing right arm.
"I think you mean old cripple."
"Hey I am not old. Older than you though. I think I deserve some respect here kid."
Miharu went on with breakfast, using the bowl Yukimi had got down for him. "I am not a kid I am 20 years old."
Yukimi leaned against the counter. "I don't know about that, 20 year olds don't need help reaching top shelves." Joked Yukimi.
Miharu turned abruptly waving a spatula. "I know how to use this. Besides I am not much shorter than you." He was right. Miharu came up right under Yukimi's nose. Before Miharu turned back around, Yukimi pulled him in close with his only arm.
"Yup but you are still skinny as a bean pole." The blonde tapped his fingers on Miharu's side, right where it was tickleish. The dark haired man squirmed. "I am always scared one touch is gonna break you." He wasn't kidding here, Miharu really did look fragile at times.
"Well with a hand as big as yours that's not surprising."  The smaller man smirked. His smirk was met with kiss. He clung to Yukimi's white shirt, trying not to loose balance as his knees grew weak. The taller man could feel this. To help, he moved back and rested Miharu against the counter for extra support. Their kiss was deep, the only thing that pulled them from it was a quiet mew from Yoi. They both turned to look at the cat. "It's Yoite's memorial day today." Miharu said softly, resting his head on Yukimi's chest.
"Oh yeah thats today." Miharu glanced at Yukimi with a dark glare. "What?"
"How could you forget that!?" He gave him a big backhand to the gut. "Now get out of my kitchen before I really use this spatula on you." Miharu knew Yukimi didn't forget. They could never forget, it meant too much. But his dorky remark was a good excuse to get him out of the space so he could finish cooking.
Later that day, they were at Toabri and Hana's. Everyone else had made it too. Yukimi's sister, Amatatsu was teasing him about being late as soon has he entered the house. He of course tried to blame it on Miharu and Yoi, and of course she didn't believe him. They argued all the way into the other room. Miharu was being hailed to come sit next to his old school friend, Raimei. He did so. Instantly she was quite energetially making conversation. Her brother Raiko would have told her to calm down if he wasn't so busy beating Gau in a game of cards. Miharu had a feeling that Raiko was cheating in some way, just to watch Gau get frustrated. Soon Tobari, Amatatsu, Hana, and Yukimi rentered the room, bringing food, lemonade, and candles with them. The night went on. Everyone laughing and catching up with everyone else. When it finally got late enough and the moon was large in the sky Hana turned out the lights and passed each attendee a candle. Miharu loved this part of the night. Everyone would get a candle, light it, then share a favorite memorie of Yoite. As each person shared they would blow out their candle till the room was completely dark. It meant a lot because at one point he had taken all these memories from them. It was important to remember because it hurt so much when he couldn't. When the all the candles were no longer aflame, they sat in silence for a moment. Soon though everyone was back to the usual. This was about the time when Miahru snuck out on to the porch. Yukimi joined him.
"Aren't you cold out here?" he asked.
"No." Miharu replied. It was apperent he was lying because a shiver ran down his spine. Yukimi put his large jacket around Miharu and drew him in close.
"Why do you always sit out here?"
"Yoite and I sat out here. We just talked, but thats was enough for me."
"I see."
"Yoite also liked the night." He snuggled closer into Yukimi. After a few moments of silence Miharu spoke. "I heard something once and I realize how true it is when I am with you."
Yukimi buried his nose in Miharu's wavy hair. "And whats that?"
"Even after that someone vanished from this world, he or she lives within us, binding us together all the more tightly."
     -Raiko Nabari No Ou Volume 11.
Nabari No Ou- Binding us
A YukiHaru fanfic. Love these two. So this is about 6 years after Yoite passes. Miharu and Yukimi are now a couple. And every year everyone gathers at Tobari's and they use this time to remember Yoite and be together again. I really loved the quote Raiko said in volume 11 of Nabari No Ou, and I wanted it right at the end. He never actually said it to Miharu in the manga but I would like to think that over time he shared those lines with him. So please enjoy this fanfic. Also please excuse or notify me of any grammar or spelling errors.
p.s. this is based of manga events.
He stood at the gate
Right at the edge
A step away from freedom and destruction
Memories passed by on the other side
Visions of time long gone
And time long missed
He just watched as they sped past
What he wouldn't do just to step out into those scenes
And be apart of them once again
He could see Him in every moment
That man
The almost enough reason to break the barrier and leave everything behind
The Stoic emerged from the chaos of lost time
He stood at the gate
Right at the edge
Only an invisable line
A most powerful force between the two
The Stoic reached past it and touched a tear stained cheek
It was a painful reminder that this stoic, his love
Was free to choose
Inside or outside
And he could only stay
Right at the edge
Time continued on the other side
Seeping life from the one
His one and only, aging and fading
No way to stop time
Like it had stopped him
Watching and waiting was all he could do
Now and forevermore
Before his love disappeared completely
Leaving him behind again
He gave a smile, a rare smile
An image the caged man clung to
For as much as it saddened him
It kept him going
So for right now
He could stay there
Awaiting the day when he could cross that line
Pass through the gate
And once again live on the outside
Even if it would be too late
He would stand till then
Right on the edge
DouWata- Right on the Edge
This is what happens when you listen to your ipod while trying to go to sleep. I wrote this first in my notepad on my phone because I knew if I didn't write at 11:30 at night I would forget to do it in the morning. Couldn't let the inspiration go by.
So this is my first poem like fanfic I am pretty proud of it. The best stuff comes out at night. I would like people to interpret it there own way but I will put here what I was kind of seeing when I wrote it. It is a Watanuki dream sequence, he is at the gate opening of the shop watching his memories and those of Doumeki's flash by outside the shop. Doumeki steps forward and stands opposite him on the outside of the shop. All the memories passing by are taking pieces of Doumeki so Watanuki has to watch him fade away and leave him again. It is about how being caged in the shop has stolen a chance at a life with Doumeki and a life at freedom. But it is also kind of about how as much as it hurts he didn't get that chance he knows this is where he should be.


I am sealand
So I am not used to getting up early, especially on days off,  so I got stuff done today and now have nothing to do. So the usual... memes.

Name: EnTay (not really but it should be)
Birthday: December 16th
Height: 5foot something 
Weight: Ten pounds more than I would like
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: dirty blonde but I want to go Curella Devil with it
Race: White
Zodiac Sign: Sagitarius

Drink?: Nope
Smoke?: Nope
Use Drugs?: Definatly Nope
Cuss?: Very much
Play Any Instruments?: no
Have Any Peircings?: no
Have Any Tattoos?: no but I wonder about getting one sometimes
Like To Annoy People?: Not really
Like Life?: Yeah for the most part
Wear Make-Up?: no
Dye Your Hair?: only once so far, with just a red panel
Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: no but I think it would be nice to do sometimes
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: Yes. By lots of things actually.
Like Pina Coladas?: No
And Getting Caught In The Rain?: Yes

Dependable?: yupyup
Trustworthy?: yup
Obsessive?: ...yeah...yaoi...
Hyper Active?: only sometimes, in very exciting situations 
Happy?: Most of the time
Content?: yeeeessss...
Boring?: I think so, at least to some people.
Violent?: No
Evil?: ...maybe... kidding I am not evil
Hippie-Ish?: uh no. Pretty sure
Shy?: Yes
Paranoid?: sometimes.
Annoying?: Oh I must be to some people
Social?: A little
Religious?: Oh goodness no.

TV Show?: Right now is The Flash. Favorite ever would be Sherlock. I am also liking Warehouse 13.
Movie?: Alladin, childhood man.
Band/Singer(s)?: Lights, Owl City, and Ellie Goulding for fave singers. Breaking Benjamin, and Skillet for bands.
Song?: Fireflies-Owl City. It was the start of my love for Owl City, and my obsession with music I would say. Also it is one of the songs in this world that makes me smile every time I hear it.
Book/Story?: CLAMP's Tsubasa Chronicles.
Color(s)?: Yellow.
Shape?: I would have to say Square.
Animal?: Does Dragon count. Okay real animal would be bunnies, goats or otters.
Person(s)?: My mom and my boyfriend.
Smell?: Rain. Roast Chicken.
Flower?: Sakura Blossoms.
Subject?: Art
Board?: Says board so I am going to assume board game and that would be Monopoly
Musical?: Grease. I got to work as crew for my schools production of Grease, now the version with John Travolta sounds off because I heard it so many times by my school mates.
Sport?: Soccer though I do not enjoy sports.
Word?: Don't really have one
Quote?: "There are no such things as coincidences, there is only hisuzen." Yuko XxXHolic
Hobby?: Reading
Store?: Comic Book store, particularly one with manga.
Season?: Fall
Time Of Day?: Mid-day

Worst Fear?: Dying and the unknown
Life Goal?: right now is to just have fun and enjoy life.
Greatest Accomplishment?: All the small steps.

Pepsi Or Coke?: Pepsi(only because Dr.Pepper is on their side)
McDonald's Or Burger King?: A&W. Okay McDonalds because A&W isn't a choice.
Converse Or Vans?: No idea, sneakers
Dogs Or Cats?: Dogs
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: None
Chicken Or Fish?: Chicken
Black Or White?: Both together
MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: Ipod, but any as long as they work and plays music loud.
Pants Or Shorts?: pants

Day: sunshine hanging out with friends the whole day, some anime, card games, and pizza.
Room: Lots of bookshelf space, no clutter, one wall white with colourful paint splatter on it, nerdy posters and comfy furniture(none of this high fashion stuff).
Life: Simple. Married(epic nerdy themed wedding), no kids, my friends and I still make time for each other. Small house, and a good job.
World: more acceptance, less lies and corruption and more creativity. Especially in t.v and film, no more reality t.v. about people doing stupid stuff and less recreating old movies.
Romantic Date: I like date ideas like going to the beach or for a drive. Though if I got to go to a concert of a really awesome band or singer that would be romantic enough for me. Rocking out to our fave songs and singing along.

God?: No
Heavan & Hell?: Sort of.
Angels & Demons?: Yeah kind of
Reincarnation?: Absolutely
Yourself?: Not as much as I should 
Ghosts?:Don't know
UFOs?: Yes of course
Big Foot?: No
Lockness Monster?: Not really
A Thing Called Love?: Definitely

Kill Someone Else?: No
Kill Yourself?: No
Beg For Money?: Oh No
Skydive?: No
Bunjee Jump?: No
Make out in the rain?: Oh yeah
Run Away From Home?: no
Ride A Motorcycle?: as long as I am not driving it and its a short ride
Do Extreme Sports?: Oh no

Do You Own A Car?: Nope
Ever Been To Jail?: No
Ever Gotten Kicked out?: No
Do You Have A Job?: Yup
Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: Yes

Are You Lonely?: no
Are You Sitting In A BeanBag Chair Eatin' Cheetos?: I wish
Do You Fee The Urge To Send Me A Thousand Dollars?: no
Really?: yes
Do You Know Where That Comes From?: from this
How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?: to many
Is That Your Final Answer?: yes
Are You Sure?: yes
Postitive?: yes
Glad That This Is Over?: kind of
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Bleach, CLAMP manga, Ghost 07
  • Watching: Baccano, Star Trek, RWBY, Warhouse 13
  • Playing: Rune Factory, Pokemon black, ruby and pearl
  • Eating: Mushroom soup
  • Drinking: water, hot chococlate

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